Lee Cole

Lee Cole - Managing Director

Managing Director and co - founder. A big believer of conscious profit and an advocate for circular economy instead of linear. A single minded creator of chaos who challenges the word “no” unfortunately for my team!

David Francis

David Francis - Technical Director and oneof thr founder membes and owners

Technical Director one of the founder members and owners of Paint360. An industrial chemist with far too many years’ experience in product development and technical services.


Sara Stimpson Cole

Sara Stimpson Cole - Marketing and Operations Director

Marketing and Operations Director, bringing organisation to the chaos created by Lee, an avid supporter of employment opportunities to those that need it most and doing the right thing for the environment.

Jordan Barboza Cole

Jordan Barboza Cole - Waste co-ordinator and DGSA

Waste co-ordinator and DGSA (dangerous goods safety advisor). Jordan manages all waste bookings and enquiries here at Paint360.

Loui Gifford

Loui Gifford - Production Manager

Production manager – responsible for paint production and from the experience he has gained here at Paint360 is committed to helping the team reach their full potential.

Nicholla Boddy

Nicholla Boddy - Sales Manager

Sales Manager – focused on generating new business whilst maintaining excellent account management for our existing clients.