Here is our product range specifically design for the trade,
we offer a standard colour range and a colour match service.

Void Contract Emulsion

Flat matt emulsion with excellent opacity and spreading rates. Contains a minimum 90% recycled content. 


Wash and scrub resistant emulsion ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Contains a minimum 70% recycled content. 


A super tough abrasion resistant emulsion for use in high wear/high traffic areas. Contains a minimum 65% recycled content.

Tungsten Anti-Bac

An extra tough hard-wearing emulsion to provide long lasting protection against common pathogens including MRSA. Contains Steritouch silver ion technology for proven efficacy. Independently tested against e.coli and MRSA, lab reports available on request. Minimum 65% recycled content. 


Hoardings Paint
Weatherproof recycled emulsion for sealing and decorating hoarding boards. Cost effective and environmental alternative to solvent paints. Minimum recycled content 65%.

Masonry Paint

Matt finish recycled exterior grade emulsion with excellent covering power. Ideal for obliterating graffiti. Minimum recycled content 70%.

Silk Paint
High sheen emulsion with a minimum 90% recycled content. Provides a wear resistant washable finish. 



Quality sustainable paint brushes, paint trays, paint kettles and dust sheets we offer an alternative range that  ‘doesn’t cost the earth’ in more ways than one! 

Fungi Blitz

A ready to use sterilising wash to kill mould and algae infestations on most internal surfaces. Ideal surface preparation treatment for overcoating with our mould resistant paints. HSE number 9824 

Mould Seal
A mould resistant primer/sealer containing slow release biocides. Designed to provide extra protection against mould regrowth in humid areas as part of the Paint360 mould treatment package. HSE number 10167

Mould Resistant Paint

Flat matt, mould resistant emulsion with excellent opacity and spreading rates. Ideal decorative paint for areas subject to mould growth when used in combination with Fungi Blitz and Mould Seal. Contains a minimum 90% recycled content. 


Eggshell Mould Plus
Fast drying, mould resistant, scrub and wash proof paint specially formulated for use in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Contains a minimum 70% recycled content.


Nicotine Blocker Paint
Recycled emulsion undercoat specially formulated to help prevent nicotine bleed through.
Available in white and magnolia. Best results obtained when used in combination with Nicotine Wash. Minimum recycled content 80%.


Nicotine Wash
A pH neutral biodegradable cleaner with a fresh citrus fragrance. Superb at removing nicotine and grease from most interior surfaces. The ideal preparation product for safely cleaning contaminated surfaces before painting.